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Pup Owner's Manual

Sometimes pet food feels like a one stop shop, but not here. WHY? Because MIGOS DOG food is food for YOUR dog, not dog food.


How to Store Your Food

01. Your food is freshly made, packed, and frozen. It should be frozen in the packaging.

02. Store your dog's food in the freezer until ready to consume for up to 12 months. Thaw and serve.

03. Thawed food will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

REMEMBER: Our food is preservative free!

How to Thaw Toppers

How to Thaw Entrees

Portion Control

Yes, dogs need this. Your doggo’s portions are set when you build their profile on our site. Simply follow the feeding guidelines and serve! MIGOS DOG wants you to know you’re in the best hands and your dog is getting all the nutrition he/she needs per serving.

*2-3% Maintain Weight : Because calories vary between products, this feeding chart is based on 2-3% of your dog’s weight per serving. You dog’s activity, age, metabolism, and breed may affect overall feeding quantity.

HELPFUL TIPS: Switch slowly over the course of 5-10 days. Be sure to monitor your dog’s body condition to ensure they are not losing weight or gaining weight excessively. All puppies and dogs are different and this feeding chart is meant to act as a guide.

Smooth Transitions (literally) 💩

The transitional phase between foods may take up to 12 days for your pup’s stomach to adjust. Most dogs are so excited about eating real food that they scarf it down so fast! As much as this thrills us, woofing down too much too soon can cause upset tummies. 

We highly recommend gradually introducing new food combined with the old food. Keep an eye on your dog’s stool and if it doesn’t look solid, stay at that portion stage for two additional days. Once it is back to normal, continue through the stages you see here!

Feeding Tips

How to Serve

Most dogs dig it cold, but some also like it gently reheated. They like to smell the delicious scents of their food just like us! Our pucks can be easily broken into chunks or mashed into a purée form.

Try Another Recipe

Is your pup not loving the flavors this round? Food is not one size fits all! We will gladly send your pup a new recipe to try for first time purchasers.

Transition Smart

Refer to the Smooth Transitioning page for specific instructions on how to switch over your dog’s food without an upset stomach. This may take up to 12 days.

Balanced Meal

MIGOS DOG balanced entrées come in meatball form! These are easily chewable, digestible, and full of the proper vitamins your pup needs for a balanced diet.

Keep It Fresh!

Food should not be left out at room temperature for more than an hour! If your dog isn’t eating right away, put it in the fridge and try again later.

Too Many Treats?

Treats are great, but too many can make a pup not very hungry! Remember: Our food is high in protein making sure your pup’s belly is full, satisfied, and filler free!