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Q: Where do your ingredients come from? 
All of our ingredients are locally sourced from farmers in California.

Q: How are your recipes formulated?
Each recipe is formulated by our in-house clinical pet nutritionist.

Q: Is MIGOS DOG food cooked or raw?
All of our recipes are gently cooked, steamed, and pureed. They are then flash frozen to preserve freshness.

Q: Where is the food made?
In our USDA approved, human grade kitchen at MIGOS RANCH.

Q: What makes MIGOS DOG food different from the rest?
Each recipe is made with a handful of high quality, fresh ingredients with ZERO additives.

Q: Are MIGOS DOG recipes AAFCO compliant?
Yes, all of our MIGOS DOG entrees are formulated to not only meet, but exceed the standards set by AAFCO. 

Q: Does MIGOS DOG test for pathogens?
Yes, test for pathogens by the batch. This pathogen testing is performed weekly by a local, third party lab here in California. 

Q: How do I know how much food my dog needs?
All portions are based on your dog’s weight and vary by recipe. Check out our feeding chart HERE (page 14).

Q:  I have a picky eater. What if my dog doesn't like the food?
We will happily give your dog a new flavor to try!

Q: Do I need to consult a vet before feeding my dog MIGOS DOG food?
We always recommend consulting your vet for your furry friend’s diet.

Q: Why can't I just make dog food at home?
Making a balanced diet for a dog is very difficult. Over 85% of pet owners making their dogs’ food are doing it incorrectly. The highly accredited veterinarians and nutritionists on our team know the science behind what your dog needs in his/her diet!

Q: How should I store my dog's food?
Keep frozen for up to 8 months and thaw before serving.

Q: What happens if I squash my thawed meatballs?
Should your balls get squashed, simply scoop out 6 tbsp for 1, 3oz meatball and feed away! Your dog will love them no matter what!

Q: How do I get my order?
We currently offer pick up at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Main St. every Sunday from 9am-2pm.

Q: Do you ship?
To reduce our carbon footprint, we do not offer shipping at this time.

Q: How can I join MIGOS Rewards?
You can join online at any time! Head over to the Rewards icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Q: Is there a fee to join MIGOS Rewards?
When you sign up there is no monthly commitment and you will earn MIGOS BUCKS with every purchase plus birthday rewards for your pup!

Q: When can I start earning MIGOS BUCKS?
You will start to earn MIGOS BUCKS as soon as you complete the signup process for your MIGOS BUCKS and make your first purchase.

Q: How do I earn MIGOS BUCKS on my purchases?
MIGOS BUCKS are earned on all MIGOS DOG in-person and online purchases. All item purchased will earn 5 MIGOS BUCKS per 1 dollar spent when buying from one of our local pick-up spots and online at! To earn MIGOS BUCKS while making an online purchase, simply login and our system will automatically apply the BUCKS. If you are visiting one of our locations, be sure your email is associated with your purchase.

Q: How do I access my MIGOS BUCKS and rewards?
You can easily access your MIGOS BUCKS and rewards online in your account profile!

Q: How can I view my MIGOS BUCKS account balance?
You can always access your account balance on "Rewards" button on the bottom right on our website.

Q: How can I redeem my MIGOS BUCKS for products?
Please check details from HERE.

Q: Do my MIGOS BUCKS expire?
No your points do not expire.

Q: Can MIGOS BUCKS be earned using any third party apps?
No, MIGOS BUCKS can only be earned and redeemed through

Q: Are taxes and bottle deposits included in earning MIGOS BUCKS?
No, taxes do not accumulate with your MIGOS BUCKS, but if you bring your Topper jar back (excluding third-party store purchases) you will receive 5 MIGOS BUCKS per jar.

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