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Here at MIGOS DOG we are a family of explorers and adventure seekers and so are our dogs. From surfing to hiking at high altitudes, our pups do it all. How? Through highly nutritious meals. Just like active humans, active dogs also need the proper fuel to adventure furrrever! This kicked off our desire to make a fresh dog food line that is high quality, protein focused, and geared towards optimal health. Leading with our hearts, we trusted to build the right team to fulfill the vision we sought after in the fresh dog food world. Our team of veterinarians and nutritionists had already helped thousands of dogs achieve healthier, happier, longer lives and wanted to join us on our journey in helping millions of pets across the country. All MIGOS DOG recipes are curated from scratch with focuses on picky eaters, doggy athletes, seniors, sensitive dogs, and energetic puppies. All meals are small batch, hand crafted, and prepared by executive chefs who use only the highest quality ingredients here on MIGOS ranch in our USDA approved kitchen. Our goal is to make an impact in the dog food world...for the dogs because at MIGOS DOG, dogs aren’t just like family...they ARE family. 

Our Process

All MIGOS DOG ingredients are thoughtfully prepared to ensure your dog is getting the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed to live their life to the fullest. All MIGOS DOG ingredients are steamed, pureed, and flash frozen. We do this for several reasons:

Step 1

Steaming retains nearly all of the vitamins and micronutrients within the ingredients. Unlike other pet foods where long, harsh cooking processes void them of nutrients.

Step 2

We puree the vegetables in our food because dogs do not have the flat molars needed to extract plant cellulose. Breaking the plants cell walls through pureeing is the best way to ensure your dog actually benefits from the superfood powers of our veggies

Step 3

We flash freeze our foods so that we do not need to use preservatives. Preservatives are hiding in most pet foods / treats and have been linked to a myriad of health issues including cancer, allergic reactions, and neurological disorders. 

Fresh diets using clean ingredients have preventative powers!

⦿ Healthier teeth

⦿ Shiny coats with less shedding

⦿ Healthier gut microbiome

⦿ Healthier stools

Excellent way to keep your dog hydrated

⦿ Dogs were meant to get a majority of their hydration from their meals. Feeding a food high in moisture content helps prevent your dog’s internal organs from working harder than they need to. 

⦿ Dogs fed moisture rich diets have fewer kidney, bladder, and renal issues than dogs who eat exclusively dry diets.

Super Pups are Made from Superfoods.

⦿ To minimize the risk of common bacteria infections like E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

⦿ Cooking a food enhances its scent which is why picky dogs often prefer a fresh cooked diet over a raw diet.

⦿ Steaming our vegetables allows us to puree them, extracting the most nutrients possible for your dog’s body to absorb.

Why is High Protein Important for Dogs?

Did you know protein is the single most important macronutrient in your dog's diet? Dietary protein is essential for not only growth, but for the maintenance of almost all tissues in your dog's body as well. Protein works hard to supply the amino acids necessary for your dog's body to build fur, skin, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. High quality, biologically appropriate, abundant protein sources are incredibly important for the health and longevity of your furry best bud.

Our Protein Promise

MIGOS DOG will never skimp out on protein content, load our recipes with plant protein, or replace protein with fillers (corn, soy, wheat) to cut costs. We have, on average, over 60% more protein in our recipes than our competitors. Although we are biologically different from dogs, eating nutritious foods is equally as important. PLUS High quality, calorically dense proteins also mean that you don't have to feed as much food as you would from other fresh food companies. High protein = ultimate satiation!