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All in One Dog Supplement


If you want to make your own dog food at home you’re in the right place. At MIGOS DOG our ethos is that excellent dog nutrition and education should be available to all.  There is a new wave of pet parents wanting to feed their dogs real fresh food as they know that diet is directly linked to their dogs health, and who doesn’t want happy, healthier dogs living longer lives? After all, they are family. 

We make our own gently cooked range of fresh dog from our ranch in Malibu. We only make small batches so we are currently only available in Los Angeles and a few stores in Northern California. 

We thought it would be great to make available our carefully formulated MIGOS DOG All Essential Vitamins and Minerals Powder.  It was created by Vet’s and Nutritionists and designed for people who make their own dog food at home, and need the right supplement blend to add to make it a complete and balanced meal. 

Executive Chef and CEO Caroline Artiss has created a weekly cooking show MIGOS DOG TV with full recipes and video tutorials for complete dog meal recipes and also some homemade treats which you can find HERE

Quote “My goal is to make dog food education and nutrition guidance accessible to everyone. I’m grateful you found us and the fact that you're reading this as that means you must really care about your dogs health

It’s a misconception that dogs can survive on just “chicken and rice” for example, that would be something your Vet would recommend if you had a sick dog and they just needed to eat a bland diet to get well again. After that they’d need to have a complete and balanced diet which simply means the dog is getting all the right amounts of vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats, protein and carbs to ensure they stay healthy. By using our supplement powder you can be rest assured your dog is getting the right amount of daily vitamins and minerals it needs. 

Our feeding calculator below will tell you how much you need per day depending on your dogs weight, and it will also let you know what that will work out in $ per day. 

A nutritional supplement for home food preparation of recipe’s recommended by your veterinary nutritionist. 


Instructions for Use: Thoroughly mix this product with your pet's food for even distribution throughout. Do not use in combination with any other multivitamin or multimineral supplements. We recommend that all pet food ingredients be fully cooked before adding this product. As with all supplements, we recommend checking with your veterinarian or pet nutritionist prior to starting.


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Feeding Calculator

Potassium Citrate, DiCalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Garbanzo Beans, Choline Bitartrate, Taurine, Salt, Zinc Proteinate, Magnesium Oxide, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Vitamin B-12, Selenium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid.
Nutritional Info
Water2.4 %
Protein2.8 %
Fiber1.7 %
Fat0.6 %
CHO5.9 %
Ash76.6 %
Chloride1.6 %
Calcium15.1 %
Phosphorus5.2 %
Magnesium0.8 %
Potassium10.5 %
Salt2.6 %
Sodium1.1 %
Vitamin A59.0 KIU/lb.
Vitamin D6.4 KIU/lb.
Vitamin E2,035.5 IU/lb.
Thiamine71.9 ppm
Riboflavin160.2 ppm
Pantothenic Acid176.3 ppm
Niacin245.3 ppm
Folic Acid8.4 ppm
Choline24,230.5 ppm
Vitamin B 6629.0 ppm
Vitamin B 12120.6 ppm
Iron1,717.3 ppm
Manganese113.8 ppm
Zinc2,649.3 ppm
Copper151.6 ppm
Iodine34.9 ppm
Selenium5.4 ppm
Taurine3.0 %

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All in One Dog Supplement