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Lincoln's Story

Feeding a Shar-pei the best way

Lincoln, a Shar pei Pit mix, had been suffering from various allergy symptoms due to his diet and poor gut health. He would lick his paws excessively to the point of bleeding, have skin rashes in his wrinkles that he would scratch until they became red raw, and lose patches of fur. His owners tried various fresh dog food brands and took him to the vet regularly, but nothing seemed to work.

However, after switching to MIGOS DOG's hypoallergenic Duck recipe, Lincoln's health improved significantly. Within four weeks, he started to heal, and his licking and scratching reduced drastically. Now, nearly 12 months after switching to MIGOS DOG food, Lincoln's coat is shiny, soft, and thick, and he has not experienced any of his previous allergy symptoms.

***Note: Always consult with your vet before making any significant changes to your dog's diet, especially if they have chronic health conditions.



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