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Indie's Story

Making drool dribble for MIGOS topped kibble

Indie, a senior dog, had been struggling with a chronic urinary issue that had her on a prescribed medicated kibble. However, the kibble did not sit well with her and she refused to eat it despite her owner's best efforts. They tried every flavor enhancement they could think of, but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, they decided to mix in some MIGOS DOG Chicken recipe on top of her kibble, and to their surprise, Indie devoured it. Her appetite improved significantly, and after a few weeks of adding MIGOS DOG food to her diet, her owner noticed that Indie's coat had become shinier and her energy levels had improved.

At her next vet visit, the good news continued. The vet was pleased to see that Indie had finally regained a healthy weight, and her urinary issue had improved as well. Indie's owner was overjoyed to have found a solution that worked for Indie, and was grateful for the natural, wholesome ingredients in MIGOS DOG food.



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