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MEET UP 03.27.21

Hey Paw Pals!

MIGOS Team here. Since my last bark back about our MIGOS MEET UP….we have since thrown another pawtastic day in March where we sold out of boxes!! Think we’re onto something?! The doggos seem to think so! We were extra excited about this MEET UP because we were showcasing two of our seven brand lickin’ new recipes! Oh yea, did I mention that we created 7 completely different, new recipes?! Well we did, and apparently they RULE. We worked very closely with our clinical pet nutritionist, Samantha, to create a line of food that is high in nutrients and ZERO additives, preservatives, or dyes. Our recipes have up to 5 ingredients and our nutritionist has a reason behind each item she adds in...or leaves out! They are meant to go easy on your pup’s tummy aiding in digestion and eliminating bloating. Keep an eye out for future articles written by Samantha on the brain behind our food...I can assure you that any questions you have about our ingredients will be answered there! This MEET UP we offered our Chicken and Beef Toppers. Are you familiar with what a Topper is?! If not, allow me to inform you on what could possibly be the best part about your dog’s day....A Topper is an excellent way to add the benefits of fresh foods into your dog's current diet. You simply replace 1/4 of their meals with our toppers to reap some of the many benefits of feeding a high quality, fresh diet! In 2020, 16% of dog owners in America purchased food toppers for their dog. That’s 13 million pet owners! Finding Toppers that my dog would actually eat was quite possibly one of the hardest challenges to we thought crafting our own was a MUST for MIGOS DOG! Ps: if you’re thinking about making the switch to fresh food for your pup, these are a great way to start the process by incrementally adding more of the topper and less of the current food every few days. Peep our “How To Guide” for all feeding instructions on our Toppers!We will be shaking things up a bit for our next MEET UP which will be held on Sunday, May 2nd from 10am-3pm...brunch picnic style! Come a little earlier to enjoy the sun, private dog park, and indulge in some Mimosas! We will be offering 3 different MEET UP Brunch Boxes full of delicious goodness! Let us not forget the real star of the show this Sunday hooomans….we are rolling out the red carpet for our new drool worthy Toppers yet again! AND sending each guest home with a week’s worth of free Toppers to enjoy! Can we take a guess at any of the flava flaves?!?!