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MEET UP 02.06.21

Hey Paw Pals!!

MIGOS Team here, thank you so much for reading our first blog post! We are so tail waggin’ excited to grow MIGOS DOG with all of you and help pups make the transition to fresh food one paw at a time! Our hope is that we will eventually meet all of you at our super fun events! If you have been to a MIGOS MEET UP, then you get the hype. I wanted to give you the backstory on why we have created such an unforgettable experience, how the fun has only just begun, AND how you all should get ready for some seriously safe summer pawties!! 

The MIGOS MEET UPS came about during a team meeting when we were in the very beginning stages of what we wanted MIGOS DOG to represent. We knew WHAT we were doing, aka making high quality, fresh dog food...but WHO WERE WE. Ya feel?! Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we have a pretty fun we thought “Why don’t we just have fun WITH our customers...say once a month?!” Our goal was to create an experience centered around the dogs that brought people and their fur babies together from all over Los Angeles. Seeing that we were in the middle of LA’s third COVID-19 lockdown, we really didn’t see such an event being possible anytime soon. However, when the state was starting to open up again we decided to take a chance and book our first date for February. How do you think the event went? UM BARK BARK, LEWK AT THE PHOTOS BELOW! It was the most pawsome time!! That following Monday at our team meeting, we all knew this was something we never wanted to stop doing that had true pawtential! It was then, that we said we were going to be the FUN, FRESH, DOG FOOD COMPANY. Yes, we are extremely serious about our ingredients, but we are also super serious about the barktatstic fun to be had with our new furrriends! 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our MIGOS MET UPS and we will be announcing our calendar for 2021 Spring/Summer by the end of this week! Now you can all plan ahead and even make a weekend trip out of it! Get ready to look forward to our “Movies in the Park” series this summer as I think it will be totally epic. HAS YOUR PUP EVER SEEN LADY AND THE TRAMP?! If not let’s all just take a second and imagine them watching it, SWOON. 
Okay, that’s all the time I have right now. Being called to go try our new flavors of the vegan ice cream! Oh yea buddy, humans dig ‘em too!

Many Woofs,