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When the idea of Migos was first born, we knew from the start that we wanted to work directly with a pet nutritionist to create our recipes. We wanted to have recipes that even the pickiest of pet parents and pet professionals would feel great about feeding. Our search began for our ideal pet nutritionist and it wasn’t long before we were directed towards Samantha Henson, an award winning clinical pet nutritionist with a practice based out of Michigan.  We soon learned that Samantha has helped thousands of dogs and cats over the course of the past twelve years and that crafting personalized recipes for her patients was one of her main specialties. We soon knew that we wanted to work with her and began our journey shortly after. Samantha has a true passion for creating recipes for pets and her years of experience have given her the ability to know what even the pickiest of dogs will not only love, but benefit from as well.  Getting to know Samantha: She is a self proclaimed “animal nerd” and has been studying animals since childhood  She is a wife, and mother to three young children She has a french bulldog named Gunther, a great dane named Tala, and two cats, Rachel Green and Bogey Before becoming a CPN, she worked in emergency veterinary medicine Her clients range from miniature pigs to iguanas and everything in between She tests out most of her recipes on her own dogs, one of which is very selective She sees pet patients from all over the world, especially in the past year where virtual consults have become the norm When asked why she went with the ingredients she did, she said “All of the ingredients in every one of our recipes have a purpose. I love using lean proteins, healthy fats, and satiating veggies for dogs. Having biologically appropriate ingredients is one of the keys to a healthy and happy pup. I will never include fillers like wheat, corn, soy, pasta, white rice, sweeteners, etc in a diet to cut cost. All of our dogs deserve better than that and I knew that if I didn’t feel comfortable feeding it to my own dogs, then the recipes wouldn’t be true to who I am.” Samantha is looking forward to helping out the Migos team whenever she can and cannot wait to hear what your pups think of her recipes!