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Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Posts tagged: MIGOS SUPP

Oat Flour and Blueberry Pancakes with Goat Yoghurt and a Beef Jus

Indulge your furry friend with our delectable Oat Flour and Blueberry Pancakes, topped with creamy Goat Yogurt and a savory Beef Jus.

One Pot Chicken Stew with Carrots and Kale

This is a tasty, nutritious, complete and balanced dog food recipe that you can make at home using our Migos Dog All in One Supplement Powder.

Peach + Salmon Dog Smoothie

Smoothie Sips for Furry Lips: Nourishing Recipes to Keep Your Dog Thriving!

Salmon & Sweet Potato Treats

Nutrition in Every Bite: DIY Dog Treats with Salmon, Sweet Potato, and a Touch of Parsley

Tacos for Dogs

Spice Up Your Dog's Cinco de Mayo with These Tasty Tacos

Beef and "Cabbage" Recipe

A Homemade Dog-Friendly Twist on Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick's Day

Peanut Butter + Chicken Pate

Treat your dog to a tasty and wholesome meal with this chicken pate and peanut butter recipe.

Cricket Cookies Recipe

Bug-tastic Biscuits: A Delicious and Nutritious Recipe for Your Pup's Protein Needs!

Peanut Butter + Coconut Balls Recipe

A deliciously easy no bake recipe for soft, chewy healthy dog treats!

Duck + Vegetables Recipe

Treat Your Allergic Dog to a Protein-Packed Meal with This Hypoallergenic Duck and Vegetable Recipe

Low-Fat Turkey and Spinach Recipe

Slim Down Your Pup with This Low-Fat Turkey and Spinach Meal

Chicken Soup Recipe

Comfort Your Canine Companion with This Ginger-Infused Chicken Soup Broth