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Salmon + Pumpkin



Salmon is a great source of protein for dogs and full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids which help with joint health and keeping shiny coats.  Salmon is also great for senior dogs with joint issues.  This recipe is great if you can’t feed your dog a completely fresh diet all the time and just wanted to just mix some on top of your dogs regular food for that added boost of fresh nutrition goodness… they will lap it up!


○ COOKING TIME: 20 minutes
○ SERVING: 2 lbs


[6 oz] Salmon, Skin on is Fine, Wild-Caught Always Preferred
[1 oz] Beef or Chicken Liver
[4 oz] Canned Pumpkin -or Butternut Squash
[3 oz] Broccoli
[2 oz] Bell Pepper, Any Color, Red Preferred
[½ tsp] Eggshell Powder
[½ tsp] MIGOS Vit + Min Powder
[½ tsp] Sunflower Oil


Step 1.
Roughly chop salmon into chunks with the skin on, and add to a non stick pan on a low heat and add the liver too, let cook for a few minutes together. 

Step 2.
Add the finely chopped broccoli and peppers, I threw mine in a food processor to save time. Let cook together until soft then stir in the canned pumpkin, the Migos Dog supplement powder, egg shell powder and sunflower oil for a complete and balanced meal. 

Step 3.
Let cool, portion up and freeze.

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