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Renal/Kidney Disease Recipe

This recipe has been formulated by our certified pet nutritionist who specializes in chronic illnesses.  This is a complete and balanced meal but do always remember to consult with your vet before changing your dogs diet, especially if they have a chronic illness. 

If your dog is having trouble or loss of interest in eating their prescribed and medicated food a spoon of this mixed in can help get their appetite back and eat their food.

This recipe is in cooked weights so that the quantities can be checked against the AAFCO complete and balanced diet recommendations for an adult dog. You can make this in one big pot and batch and freeze it.

Here is an interesting Ingredient fact Grass-fed butter is great for gut and bone health. It is high in Butyric acid, a short-chain saturated fat that studies have found to reduce general inflammation, and aid in digestion.



Makes 2lbs


[1 lb] Ground Turkey 93% Lean
[2] Large Eggs
[3 oz]  Rolled Oats (sprouted preferred)
[4 oz] Canned Pure Pumpkin
[6 oz] Green Beans Fresh or Frozen and Finely Chopped
[1 tbsp] Grass-Fed Butter (Kerry Gold or Similar)
[2 tsp] MIGOS Vit + Min Powder
[1/2 tsp] Finely Ground Sea Salt


Step 1.
Using a large non-stick pan on low heat, add the turkey without any oil and cook for a couple of minutes.

Step 2.
Add the raw oats and water and let simmer together to cook the oats.

Step 3.
Add the finely chopped green beans, pumpkin, raw eggs, butter, and stir together and let cook through for another 2 minutes.

Step 4.
Turn off the heat and add in your Migos Dog All in One Supplement Powder and sea salt.

Comments (1)

  • Colleen on March 20, 2023

    Do you have a feeding amount chart for this recipe? My dog is 14 years old and weighs 18 lbs. thank you.

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