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Pork + Apple




This one-pot meal is packed with nutritious ingredients that provide a balanced meal for your dog. The lean pork is a great source of protein, while the quinoa provides fiber and essential amino acids. Swiss chard and zucchini offer vitamins and minerals, while apples provide natural sweetness and fiber. The MIGOS DOG supplement powder and eggshell powder add extra nutrients and minerals to support your dog's overall health. Best of all, everything is cooked together in one pot for easy preparation and cleanup. Your furry friend is sure to love this tasty and healthy meal!


15 mins
○ SERVINGS: 50 ounces (6 cups) Approximate feeding guidelines 1.5 ounces for every 5 pounds


[1 lb] Lean Pork
[3/4 cup] Quinoa + 2 Cups Water
[5 oz] Swiss Chard De Stemmed
[5 oz] Zucchini Raw
[5 oz] Apples Raw Roughly Chopped, Pips and Stalk Discarded
[2 tsps] MIGOS Vit + Min Powder
[2.5 tsp] Eggs Shell Powder
[2] Pinches Salt


Step 1.
Heat a large non stick pan with a lid on a gentle heat, add the pork without any extra cooking oil and stir until cooked through, pour in the raw quinoa, followed by the water and leave to simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes with the lid on.

Step 2.
In the meantime add the swiss chard, apples and zucchini to a blender and pulse until finely ground up, like a puree. Dog’s don’t have molars so they can’t break down vegetables and get all the nutrients out of them like we do.

Step 3.
Once the quinoa has cooked through and is soft a fluffy, stir in the pureed vegetables, add the Migos Dog supplement powder, egg shell powder and salt. Mix together well.

*You can portion this up in zip lock bags and freeze.

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