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Pork + Apple



We made this recipe easier for you all and we calculated the recipe to be in raw weights rather than cooked weights, and I am a fan of using just one pan to make a dish so this is all made in one pot.


15 mins
○ SERVINGS: 50 ounces (6 cups) Approximate feeding guidelines 1.5 ounces for every 5 pounds


[1 lb] Lean pork
[3/4 cup] Quinoa + 2 cups water
[5 oz] Swiss chard de stemmed
[5 oz] zucchini raw
[5 oz] apples raw roughly chopped and pips and stalk discarded
[2 tsps] Migos Dog Supplement powder
[2.5 tsp] eggs shell powder
[2] pinches salt


Step 1.
Heat a large non stick pan with a lid on a gentle heat, add the pork without any extra cooking oil and stir until cooked through, pour in the raw quinoa, followed by the water and leave to simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes with the lid on.

Step 2.
In the meantime add the swiss chard, apples and zucchini to a blender and pulse until finely ground up, like a puree. Dog’s don’t have molars so they can’t break down vegetables and get all the nutrients out of them like we do.

Step 3.
Once the quinoa has cooked through and is soft a fluffy, stir in the pureed vegetables, add the Migos Dog supplement powder, egg shell powder and salt. Mix together well.

*You can portion this up in zip lock bags and freeze.

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