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PB + Banana PUPsicle

This frozen delight is not only human-friendly but also a perfect treat for your furry friend. The plain Greek yogurt or goat milk provides a source of protein and probiotics, while the natural peanut butter offers a healthy dose of fats. The mashed bananas give a sweet taste and are a great source of fiber and essential nutrients. When blended together, these ingredients create a rich, creamy, and nutritious popsicle that your pooch will go crazy for. So, give this recipe a try and watch your doggie wag their tail in excitement as they enjoy their new favorite snack!



○ COOKING TIME: 10 mins
○ SERVINGS: Varies per mold size


[1 cup] Plain Greek Yogurt or Goat Milk
[1/4 cup] Natural Peanut Butter
[1] Banana, Mashed or Chopped


Step 1.
Add yogurt/goat milk into bowl.

Step 2.
Add peanut butter and bananas into bowl.

Step 3.
Mix will.

Step 4.
Pour into popsicle molds and freeze!

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