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Chicken Soup Recipe

This chicken soup broth is ideal for dogs that are feeling under the weather or experiencing an upset stomach. It can also be used as a nutritious and immune-boosting addition to their regular meals. The broth contains ginger, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to combat nausea. However, if your dog has a chronic illness, it's always best to consult with a veterinarian before introducing new foods or making any changes to their diet. When using this broth for a sick dog, start with a small amount and add in meat as their appetite improves. It's important to note that this recipe is not a complete meal and should only be used to help a sick dog recover before returning to their normal diet.



○ COOKING TIME: 2.5 hours
○ SERVING: Makes ~ 1.5 liters/1.5 quarts/ 6 cups


[1] Leftover Plain Roasted Chicken -OR- [4] Plain Raw Chicken Legs
[2] Carrots  
[2] Stalks of Celery
[1] 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, grated
[1 cup] Chopped Spinach
[1 tsp] MIGOS DOG Supplement Powder
[1/4 cup] Brown Rice
[3 Qts/3 Liters] Water



Step 1.
Start by boiling the chicken carcass or chicken legs in a pan with the water, carrots and celery.  Turn down heat, lid on and leave to simmer for 1.5 hours

Step 2.
Leave to cool slightly, then strain the liquid using a sieve, from the bones to separate.

Step 3.
Take off any meat and leave to one side, discard all bones. (Very important to check there aren’t any small ones left!)

Step 4.
Add the liquid back to the pan, (you should have about 2 liters of liquid, if you don’t add some more water) add the brown rice and any of the meat / vegetable pieces, simmer for 40 minutes until the rice is very soft.

Step 5. 
Finally add the chopped spinach and stir in the supplement powder.

Step 6.
Leave to cool before serving.

Step 7. 
Portion up and freeze.

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