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Beef + Liver

Beef and Liver provide a great source of healthy proteins, iron, healthy fats and COQ10 for energy



○ COOKING TIME: 20 minutes
○ SERVING: Makes 1 lb 

INGREDIENTS (weights listed in cooked amounts)

[1 lb] Raw Lean Ground Beef (90/10)
[2 oz] Raw Beef Liver cut into small pieces (Tip - Easier to cut when frozen)
[3 oz] Raw Oats cooked in water (Rolled or Steel-cut)
[6 oz] Sweet Potato, skin on
[4 oz] Kale, Chopped Frozen or Fresh is Fine, Ribs Removed
[1 tsp] Eggshell Powder
[1 tsp] MIGOS Vit + Min Powder
[1 tsp] Sunflower Oil 


Step 1.
Add your chopped sweet potato to a pan with water and boil until soft, drain and leave to one side. 

Step 2.
Cook your oats until soft.

Step 3.
Add the ground beef, chopped liver to a non-stick pan, once nearly cooked, add the chopped kale, cooked sweet potato and oats stir, turn off heat.

Step 4.
Sprinkle your Migos Dog Supplement Powder, egg shell powder and sunflower oil mix well together and portion to freeze.

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