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Beef and "Cabbage" Recipe






We wanted to make a very special Irish inspired doggy dinner for St Patricks day.  Obviously “corned beef and cabbage” is a staple and popular dish so I made our own dog friendly version and the recipe is below. I didn’t use corned beef as it has too much salt and other ingredients that aren’t good for dogs, so instead I used some rough cut flank steak, (Lucky dog) or you could use ground beef etc, or any leftover beef. 

Instead of cabbage I replaced it with Brussel sprouts as they are packed with a bunch more nutrients and you only need a small amount in the food or dogs could get a bit gassy (Just like us humans) No one wants that!


Our Migos Dog Supplement Powder along with the other ingredients makes this a complete and balanced meal, meaning that if your dog was to eat this every day as their main diet they would be getting all the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy. 


 The safflower oil is to make sure they get enough healthy fats, they are essential for healthy skin and fur, and the egg shell powder is for calcium and bone health. 



○ COOKING TIME: 30 min
○ SERVING: 1lb


[5 oz] Cooked Lean Beef
[3 oz] Cooked Barley
[2 oz] Cooked Egg
[3 oz] Sweet Potato
[2 oz] Cooked Brussel Sprouts
[1 1/2 tbsp] Safflower Oil
[1 tsp] MIGOS DOG Supplement Powder
[1/2 tsp] Egg Shell Powder



Step 1.

Super easy, add all cooked ingredients to a bowl with the extra supplements and stir together well. 

I recommend trying a small batch for your dog first, if they enjoy it then next time make a bigger batch and freeze it. 

You can chop and all ingredients to a crock pot to slow cook, and then add the supplements at the end.


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