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Beef and "Cabbage" Recipe

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we wanted to make a special meal for our furry friends that's both Irish-inspired and dog-friendly. Since "corned beef and cabbage" is a staple dish, we came up with our own version that's both healthy and delicious for dogs. Instead of using corned beef, which can contain too much salt and other ingredients that aren't good for dogs, we used rough cut flank steak (lucky dogs!), ground beef, or any leftover beef that you have on hand. We also swapped out cabbage for Brussel sprouts, as they contain a lot more nutrients and are just as tasty in this recipe. However, be careful not to include too many Brussel sprouts, as they can make dogs gassy (just like humans!).

To ensure that this meal is complete and balanced, we added our Migos Dog Supplement Powder to the recipe, which provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals that dogs need to stay healthy if they were to eat this meal as their main diet every day. We also included safflower oil to provide healthy fats, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and fur, as well as eggshell powder for added calcium to support bone health. With this recipe, you can be sure that your furry friend is getting a tasty and nutritious meal that celebrates St. Patrick's Day in style. 



○ COOKING TIME: 30 min
○ SERVING: 1lb


[5 oz] Cooked Lean Beef
[3 oz] Cooked Barley
[2 oz] Cooked Egg
[3 oz] Sweet Potato
[2 oz] Cooked Brussel Sprouts
[1 1/2 tbsp] Safflower Oil
[1 tsp] MIGOS DOG Supplement Powder
[1/2 tsp] Egg Shell Powder



Step 1.

Super easy, add all cooked ingredients to a bowl with the extra supplements and stir together well. 

I recommend trying a small batch for your dog first, if they enjoy it then next time make a bigger batch and freeze it. 

You can chop and all ingredients to a crock pot to slow cook, and then add the supplements at the end.


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