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Dog Owner Story of the Month: Irene Cho

Meet Irene Cho, a dedicated business counselor working for a non-profit organization. Irene’s journey to her current career path has been fueled by her deep-rooted passion for community involvement. After exploring various avenues, Irene found her calling as a business counselor, where she could combine her expertise and compassion to assist entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams.

But Irene’s commitment to community extends beyond her professional life. In her personal world, she finds joy in the company of her two adorable mini Labradoodles, Kuma and Kiara. Kuma, at the age of six, is the gentle and wise older sibling, while Kiara, at four, exudes playful energy and mischief. 

Irene always likes starting her day with her pups. Kiara, always the early riser, greets Irene with a series of morning kisses that could rival any wake-up call. After a quick trip outside, the trio returns home for breakfast. As her loyal companions munch on their Migos Dog food, Irene sips her coffee, catching up on emails and Instagram direct messages from her pupstagram @rainbowheartdoodles.

As the day winds down, Irene ensures her pups get their evening exercise. They take a leisurely walk, enjoying the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. Once back home, Irene and her fur babies cuddle up on her bed, enjoying the tunes of her favorite music. 

Irene’s dream pet product revolves around utilizing AI technology to care for her pets when she's away. Imagining a solution that could ensure her beloved companions receive the attention and care they deserve. 

Irene has valuable advice to share with fellow pet owners. She often observes impatience among pet owners who give up on their furry friends simply because they fail to meet expectations. To Irene, having a pet is like caring for a young child. She believes that pets require the same level of commitment and understanding, encouraging prospective pet owners to reflect on the responsibilities and long-term commitment that come with welcoming a pet into their lives. 

As Irene’s story reaches like-minded individuals within the community, she hopes to connect with others who share her passion for pets and community involvement.

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