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Dog Owner Story of the Month: Adam

Hello, my name is Adam, and I’m one of the daddies to the famous stitch and Hennessy. These 2 pups are my kids, the word “dog” does not exist in our home. I refer to them as my kids or my babies. When they first entered me and my husbands life it was the most exciting yet scariest thing that had ever happen to us. My husband never was an animal person, but when stitch and Hennessy came along it was nothing but love and happiness to our lives. These two pups keep me busy.. Whether it’s modeling for magazines or having photo shoots, or constantly cleaning up there big messes they make in there bedroom. These little angels of mine are little devils as well. Not to mention there fart machines. And they have an uncontrollable hunger of having to chew on everything they lay their little angel eyes on. But overall these are my babies and no matter the mess they make they will always be loved. Little stinkers!!

The start of the day comes with a cup of coffee and getting the kids they’re breakfast ready (migos of course). Hennessy has her cranky face on in the morning, she knows it’s breakfast time when I get up for my coffee. To be honest anytime I step foot in the kitchen stitch and Hennessy automatically think I’m getting food for them. I thought I had baby frenchies not baby vacuums! But they’re skill of being a vacuum comes in handy when I drop crumbs of food on the floor. Who needs a broom or mop when cleaning when these little rascals will vacuum up the floor. Once I get breakfast outta the way it’s time for me to get ready for work and take the kids to daycare (grandmas house)

To end my day I get home to my little family sitting on the couch watching TV and cuddling. Stitch always has to be touching our feet and be under the blankets when we’re laying down. And for Hennessy she has to have all the attention which means all phones have to be put away and she has to lay on our chest. She’s the queen so I understand her. 

Some words of advice for all my pet owners out there rather I’d like to do say fur kid owners would be that to always reward your kids with treats and make them feel loved all the time. Make them feel loved and they will love you back no matter what. No matter how many potty accidents or chewing on everything they do they’re just kids that don’t know better. 

Well that’s it from one of stitch and hennys dads, I’m so honored by migos to be able to talk about my family. We love everyone in the fur baby community. Paws out!

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  • Koda Bear on October 06, 2023

    So happy my furiends are eating good!🤤🧡 and have an amazing family to ensure they’re being well taken care of🫶🏼

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