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Debbie Pearl and The Unstoppable Dogs: True Underdogs

The Unstoppables!


Debbie’s team of Unstoppable dogs are setting our sites out to change lives by bringing hope, joy and inspiring everyone they meet with our goal of touring the country.

This is a real life story of 6 handicapable dogs, all abuse survivors, who found the one woman who healed, loved, and showed them what living a dogs best life is all about.

Meeting these dogs is an incredible, heartwarming, wonderful, and heartfelt experience. None of these dogs are letting their disabilities define who they are and their spirits are of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away!

Watching them running down the beach and through the waves in their wheelchairs, or on the hiking trails and on every adventure we go on is a testament to their resilience and their determination to never give up no matter what the odds! Our mission is to inspire others to always strive to be your best, no boundaries, no limits. These dogs have changed her life and made her a better person, to always see the best in others, to never judge and to see every life matters no matter what! They are her inspiration every single day!

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