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Fuel to Adventure FURever

Holistic. Thoughtfully crafted. Third party tested.

In Store & Delivery

Find us now at your local Erewhon & Healthy Spot for in-store shopping and now offering LA delivery.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Introducing easy to make at home dog food recipes.

Ingredient Standards and Transparency

Zero fillers. Wheat free. Human grade. Allergy friendly.


We are fully transparent about what exactly is in our food. Each recipe is nutritionist crafted, contains a handful of high quality ingredients, and prepared by our chefs!

Pup Priority

MIGOS DOG puts your dog's nutritional needs first. We promise to never skimp out on protein to cut costs and to always use ethically sourced meats.

Family Owned

We come from a family of "picky eater pups," and are happy to say our food is picky eater approved! All recipes are made in-house at MIGOS RANCH in our USDA approved kitchen.

Offering Nation Wide Shipping for Supplement Powder Only!

Customer Reviews

My pups love Migos Dog food! They’re always begging for it and prefer it over any other food we have tried. As a dog mom, I’m so grateful it’s healthy, tasty and not full of hidden ingredients and preservatives. We loveeeee MIGOS!

Danni J

My wife and I have tried every dog food for our puppy...and MIGOS wins! We can tell how FRESH it really is just by the smell. The entrees are MEASURE FREE. Since we both have such busy schedules, the "no measure" meals are so convenient!

Yudai H

I’ve never seen my picky pup get so excited for food, except when it’s MIGOS! He is loving the toppers and I’m loving how many different options there are to switch things up while also feeling confident that he’s eating healthy, quality food!

Natasha M

Superpups Are Made From Superfoods!


Fresh diets using clean ingredients have preventative powers! MIGOS DOG meals are steamed and pureed for maximum nutrient absorption.


Fresh food diets are an excellent way to keep your dog hydrated! Dogs who eat moisture rich diets have fewer kidney, bladder, and renal issues than dogs fed exclusively dry diets.

Science Based

Studies show that dogs eating balanced, fresh food diets experience many health benefits including lower risks of obesity, cancer, and diabetes.